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About Synermax Consulting

We are specialized in providing services to build cost-effective web-based and mobile business solutions. We have partnership with Microsoft and provide solutions specialized in HR Integrated solutions, web-based customization, and workflow to help clients transform their business and streamline processes.

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Our Vision

To become innovative hub in designing of advance business solution that brings maximum value to our customers for their future sustainability.

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Our Mission

To continuously expand our expertise in web and mobile technologies, and to design and develop innovative information management system that will maximize our clients’ competitive advantages.

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Our Philosophies

We are to deliver great values in term of benefit versus cost, build products that are easy to implement as well as second to none in terms of quality.

We Serve. We Care. We Succeed.
We are an innovator in Workflow Solutions. We design and develop solutions to automate your business processes and capture required business information and implement best practices.

We can ensure that our products and solutions are aligned with Microsoft’s Latest Technology as we have many years of experience working with Microsoft.

We bring to market number of products to assist clients building solutions and adding value by re-engineering their business processes.