Frequently Asked Questions

Besides Employee Management, Leave, Attendance, Payroll, Claim, and Benefit, EWS also has modules like Travel, Training, Overtime, Timesheet, Sales Order, KPI, and Purchase Requisition available in EWS. To enquire for those modules, you need to contact us directly.

Yes. EWS is designed to accommodate multi-companies. You can set more than one company in EWS. Each employee is can also be configured to have access to more than one company.

EWS can cater for any company sizes. EWS has functions like multi-countries, multi-companies, and multi-currencies, also to cater up to unlimited number of employees. These make EWS suitable for various sizes of companies.

EWS can cater for unlimited number of approval level.

EWS allows user to configure approval route based on categories like claim type, leave type, benefit type. EWS also allows user to create a default approval route for all employees or specific approval route for certain employees.

For each level of approval route, it can be configured based on Reporting Manager, Staff Name, Role, Section Head, and Department Head. The approver action can also be set as Approve, Recommend, Release, and Review.

Yes. EWS allows user to limit the amount required for each level of approval. For example, if the first level approver has an amount limit of maximum $1000, and the second level approver has an amount limit of maximum $10,000, and the amount to be approved is $2000, then the system will only show the first level of approver to approve the request.

Yes. Employee can have more than access role in EWS. We call the role in EWS as User Group. User Group configuration is located under Setting menu. Assignment of a new role can only be done by HR.

To update your personal information, you need to contact your HR Department. Only HR and Administrator can update the personal information of all employees.

Yes. EWS Payroll allows employees to print their own payslips. Every employee can only see their own payslips up to one year period of payslips (payslips from last 12 months until current month); where those who have HR role can see the payslips of all employees for all periods.

Our EWS Payroll can cater either monthly or biweekly payment period.

EWS Payroll is aligned with regulations in Singapore including CPF, SDL, SINDA, CDAC, MBMF, and ECF.

Yes. EWS has both email notifications and reminders. Email reminders are sent to approvers to remind them of any requests that require their action. The frequency of the reminder can also be configured.

EWS is also available in mobile app version that can be downloaded from Apple Store of Google Playstore.

Yes. You can open the user guide by clicking the “Help” option in the dropdown menu at the top right hand-side of the EWS page (under the username).